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August 28, 2006



Yes, she is.

I'm so glad you're feeling better, sweetie.


OMG....I totally want those shoes she's wearing! Think they'd go with a grey pinstripe suit? Probably not...

Anywho, glad you're feeling better! :)


So glad you're feeling better, hon. Just be careful, ok? Sometimes that vicodine can make you think everything is more honkey dorey than it really is. Slowwwww and paceee yourself. *big hugs*

*arms wrestles Matt for Ms. Durbin's shoes* *grins*


Well, that is good news! I am glad you are feeling better...but like Sprite said - sometimes the meds can mask and you can rehurt yourself thinking it is better than it is...so, be a dear and be extra careful. We love you and don't want it worse...


All the girls in old movies were so pretty. I guess that's why they were in the movies, huh? heh Glad you're doing better!


I'm glad to hear you are doing better and taking it easy! :)


OMG! I've been away from your blog too long! I'm so sorry to hear about your back but I'm glad to hear that you are on the mend. I offer my wishes for a continued speedy recovery!!!


Keep getting better!

I'm related to Deanna. No, really! Through my maternal Grandmother's side of the family.


I'm really glad to hear you are doing better, Paul. My best to you as you continue to recover. Take gentle care.


Ack! I leave for a week, and look what happens. So sorry to hear about your back; I have been there and it is entirely no fun. It's amazing how every little thing in your body is connected to that lower back. I'm glad to hear you're getting better, but be sure not to press yourself too hard. Relapses? Also no fun.

Take care, Dave.

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