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August 22, 2006



You know..you really haven't bitched enough about your mittens to qualify them as an entry...

Would ya bitch a little more?

Dave Daniels

Yeah, ditto what Ann said. MORE BITCHIN'!


Gee, it sounds like high school teachers are the same all over. (Please exclude my husband from that group ... yeah, right.) I suspect that I may have been that self-centered when I was in the classroom as well. 3 more days of summer vacation!

Keep us updated on the mentoring program -- we have a few in our school and they vary in how well they succeed.


If all teachers were like you we'd have a lot of smart, well rounded kids out there. My Baby Girl took music (clarinet) for 6 years so she was one of the lucky ones. Good luck with the mentoring program, sounds like a great idea.
Sheri in GA


Wow! Thanks for all the very nice comments. Yeah, the HS faculty are a very interesting bunch, but there are always a few who are going to give more than their share and help when needed at the drop of the hat. But in my experience, it's not the majority, and there's always an excuse to NOT get involved. And I've found after working in both buildings in the past, pettiness rules with the HS adults. Oy...

And the mentoring thing is a pilot program for our school, and time will tell if it is successful or not. It won't be successful for all kids, and success is not immediate, but gradual with time IF it happens. I will keep you posted about it. I'm very excited and kinda eager to start. Lots of new things this year, and I guess change is a good thing. It's very easy for me to get in a rut. ;-)


The mentoring thing sounds amazing. Makes me miss the high schoool classroom.


Sounds like you are going to be busy, but with some like minded people who actually care about what they are doing it seems like it will be a lot better. I've had teachers who were the selfish kind and the wonderful caring kind. It only takes one person to really care to make a difference, Pauly. I'm glad that is you.

Good luck with the program and the new school year!



Sounds like things are clicking right along! Just think that break at the elementary school might just be what you need for both you professional life and social life....

BTW, I really am liking this new blog way better...


Paul - I did not know you would be over in the Elem school, too? What gives?

Mrs. Mottl


Yay! to the cool positive attitude and taking things in stride! Now THAT'S the guy I know! *big hugs*


Yay! to the cool positive attitude and taking things in stride! Now THAT'S the guy I know! *big hugs*


It sounds like you were ready to return to work after a long, hot summer. It's wonderful to see such a positive attitude in the academic setting!

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