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August 26, 2006


Dave Daniels

OMG! DUDE! WTF??? Does tis have anything to do with helping your friend move, or are you just getting old? And, what about the new school year beginning on Monday? Can you say you were picking up a tuba and threw out your back? (You're in theater, ham it up for all it's worth!)
Is there anything you need? Can we take up a collection to send you a "massage therapist"?


Sheesh! I hope the drugs aren't nocking you on your butt. I hope you're still awake enough to knit. I took some benedryl and am currently contemplating whether or not it's wise for me to sit behind the computer and commenting on blogs if this stuff makes me too droopy to knit....


Whoa! Dave! Thanks for your concern! Has nothing to do with moving - we were cleaning out, not lifting or moving furniture or stuff like that! I just moved the wrong way. And school here starts AFTER Labor day, so I still have a week to relax and recoup. Thanks, Bud. But I am likein' that "Massage Therapist" idea... Let's ponder that one a little more.... ;-)


Ouch! I've never had that bad of a back problem, but isn't it funny what can mess it up? My back hurts a lot, but one time I started getting really sharp pains.. I never did find out what actually triggered that little episode, but I have some little idea of what you must be going through. Good idea on the Doritos, and hope you feel better soon!


Damn! I hope that heals soon, Paul. Back pain is a fucking nightmare. I'm glad you got some goods meds.

Oh and I'm impressed you finished your shower even though you were in pain. My kinda Man. *L*



Ouch! Remember -- when you feel all better ... keep taking the drugs and taking it easy for a few more days. Consider this the voice of experience the hard way.


Sorry to hear about your back, I know how painful it gets as my partner get the same lumbar spasms. When he gets it in the shower, he can't move, so I have to dry him to take him to the physiotherapist and doctor. Thank God for Valium and Panadeine Forte. I hope you will feel better soon. Have you tried a cold pack for 10 minutes occasionally?


Oh, man - that bites!! I hope your back heals up quick... enjoy the medes.


Listen to MommaSquid! You need to give your body time to heal.

I love naproxen. You're in good hands with it. ;^) Do you have enough Doritos? Should the "massage therapist" bring more?


Well, jeesh, what a way to spend a Saturday! Hope all goes well and you're back to your old self real soon. Be more careful turning on that water next time!!!
Sheri in GA


Sorry to hear about your back problems. Glad to hear that you got some help!

Rest easy!


Ohhh honeyyyyy... *careful hugs* That bending over stuff can be sooo treacherous! Rest and feel better. *chips in on the massage therapist kit*


Ouch!!! I've heard Doritos heals most ailments. Eat on!


Well I knew you were cute, but now I find that you also have (a)cute lumbar strain. How clever of you *G*

I'll chip in on the massage therapist too

Cristina Salmon

Back pain sucks ass. I can not use nicer words, cause back pain needs harsh words. I encourage you to get to a chiropracter. I went in & could barely walk & walked out with zero pain. Amazing. Feel better soon.


What I take a couple of days away from the computer and you go hurt yourself! I am so sorry! Can we send some chicken soup??? Lots of hugs coming your way!!!


Lucky devil... um, uh, I mean.. sorry for your pain, but meds are always good :-)

.. and you DO have your knitting *grin* Feel better soon.


Oh my word!! I comment on your dreary Saturday sky and then you go and do something exciting like THIS! That's what I get for slacking on my blog reading during the weekend. I've had awful sciatic pain and a disc bulge before - awful horrible rotten stuff without the drugs. Definitely stick with the drugs well beyond feeling better! And thank heaven school doesn't start until next week. Whew. Get better bud. :)

Dalia Hagler

sorry, that you to have to go though the pain to,I been going though it 4 six months and they are thinking about doing back sugery. Do you think i sould do it? please email me back.

Dalia Hagler

sorry about you are going though,I been going though it for 6 month now,they are thinking about back surgery what do you think about that do you think i sould email me back please.

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